Aerial filming of Shut Up and Drive

The concept of filming or recording a scene from the air is known as Aerial filming. Around the world, filmmakers use helicopters to capture scenic beauty. Capturing the activities on the ground from the air does justice to the challenging scenes like formula one racing competition, horse riding events, travel based videos e.t.c, and is visually appealing for the viewers too.

Especially, helicopters are an essential tool when it comes to recording or performing an advenAerial filmingture. In several movies and television shows, panorama view of the shooting locations is captured through the helicopter from time to time in order to show the viewers the full beauty. Helicopters are a basic tool when making a film about war or sports. The usage of helicopter emphasizes the location and gives an overall perspective to the viewers. It also magnifies the importance of the scene being shot.

One television show where helicopters are used extensively is ‘Shut up and Drive: San Diego’. The show is about speeding racing cars in beautiful landscapes and is hosted by world class drifter and off-road racing champion Rhys Millen and champion endurance racer Justin Bell.

The program emphasizes the importance of aerial filming through helicopter as you will see in the show that there are multiple aerial filming shots to give the viewer an idea of the racing locations. The various aerial shots make the show extremely picturesque and exciting at the same time. It also tracks the car from the air to make viewers understand the position of the competing racing cars. For a moment, one does think that one is inside the helicopter viewing those gorgeous locations with their own eyes.

In fact, in one of the ‘Shut Up and Drive’ episodes, the hosts competed against the moving helicopter. The show is a package of thrill, excitement, beautiful locations, challenging races, adrenaline rush, and helicopters of course!