Custom Airbus Helicopters for Sale

Custom airbus helicopters are top of the range helicopters that have been customized with a wide range of gadgets which really makes them stand out from the rest. There are different types of custom airbus helicopters available to choose from and people who are interested in purchasing one of these aircraft should take a look around first, in order to make sure they select the perfect model that suits their needs. Here are some of the models of custom airbus helicopters that are available out there:

AS350 B3e

This ultra light helicopter comes with a single engine, boasting optimized operating costs, and is known for delivering a high performance. The interior and seats of this model of airbus helicopter have been redesigned to make them more comfortable and modern than ever before. Pilots and passengers alike can be sure that they will be able to enjoy a very comfortable ride. The AS350 B3e is specifically adapted for operating in extreme conditions such as heavy wind, rain and cold temperatures, while it also excels in tasks such as transportation of heavy loads. This model is also very fast and is perfectly suitable for both private and executive aviation.

EC130 T2

The latest aviation technology has been used in this modern model of helicopter, which is EC130 T2very light and features a single engine. The EC130 T2 comes with a very spacious modular cabin and a special Fenestron tail rotor. One of the other things that really sets this helicopter apart is the fact that it is one of the quietest models in its class and is ideal for flying in areas that have strict noise regulations.

AS350 B2

This helicopter has been designed for a wide range of different types of purposes and is ideal for both private and professional use. The AS350 B2 integrates contemporary aviation safety, seating and operations technology for a very smooth, safe and comfortable ride. This model is also very easy to fly and delivers low operation and fuel consumption costs.