Helicopter Equipment for Sale

People who are lucky enough to own their own helicopter will naturally want to make sure that they are fully kitted out to pilot their aircraft through the skies. There is a variety of helicopter equipment that can be found online. Here are a few examples of some of the types of helicopter equipment available for sale:

Helicopter Helmets

A top quality helicopter helmet is an important investment that will last for many years. There are lots of different types of helicopter helmets available to choose from, as well as equipment that can be attached to the helicopter helmet. A static hood is a great piece of equipment that is made from static cling vinyl for a very comfortable fit, while helmet skull caps fit onto the head underneath the helmet to provide an extra cushioning effect.

Pilot Knee Boards

A pilot knee pad is a very useful type of helicopter equipment that straps to the knee of the pilot. Different types of handy tools can then be attached to the knee board such as a map or an iPad so that the hands of the pilot are left free to fly the plane.

Pilot Headsets

No Pilot Headsetspilot should be without a trusty headset and there are lots of different styles of pilot headsets to choose from. Not only do these headsets provide a way for the pilot to communicate, they also help to drone out the noise from the rotors. There are different types of headset accessories that are available,0 such as gel-filled ear seals and head pads etc.

Flight Timer

This handy piece of equipment can be used to time the duration of the trip so that the pilot can see at a glance how long the flight is taking and estimate their arrival time at their destination.