Helicopter Flights: 5 Ways To Make Sure You Are Safe

Ensuring safety while being on a helicopter is necessary. There are certain specifics which need to be taken into consideration before opting for helicopter rides. The first step is to look for certified helicopters as these helicopters fall into the general category of security conventions for helicopters. They are technologically safe aircraft and decreases the risks of any mechanical accidents. Once you head to the airport, you have to undergo a thorough security check – be at the airport one hour prior to your departure time.

  • Don’t carry lighters, knives, scissors, and other prohibited items. It is advisable to go as light as possible on helicopters, so only bring items which are necessary to you.
  • When it comes to helicopter rides, knowing when to enter and exit the helicopter is very important as helicopters have rohelicopters have rotary wingstary wings. Moving rotary wings at a high speed is dangerous to your life. Therefore, enter the helicopter only when instructed, and exit only when your pilot gives the signal.
  • In case, the rotors of the helicopter are already turning approach the aircraft with caution. Walk towards the aircraft in a way that makes sure that there is a maximum space between your body and the rotors – low crouch walk is the perfect way. Avoid smoking or running¬†within fifty feet of the helicopter as that can add an extra risk.
  • Once you have boarded the helicopter, listen to instructions given by the professional pilot very carefully. The pilot will inform you about the exit strategy in case of an emergency. It is necessary to pay heed to this information because helicopters are differently designed, and exit mechanism may vary. Fasten your seat belt and ensure your comfortability.
  • Lastly, avoid taking pictures while taking off or landing. In case, you feel uncomfortable, inform your pilot it.