We are proud to state that we have extensive experience in providing fast, cost-effective and stylish helicopter services, operating throughout Ireland. Our services include all aspects of helicopter charter services, with a fleet of the latest in helicopters, standing ready, to serve our customers.

Helicopters to Match Client Requirements

Since helicopter charters are essentially a door-to-door-service, these versatile flying machines are a whole lot quicker and more reliable than most other means of transportation. We always Helicopter Services in Irelandsuit our helicopters to match the exact requirements of our clients, with aircraft of various seating capacities. Besides, our friendly and professional team will ensure that all our clients receive a secure, comfortable and satisfactory experience when chartering our helicopters.

Since we maintain an extensive fleet of aircraft, we can offer helicopter charter services for various events that include:

• Special occasions

• Business meetings

• Airport transfers

• Weddings

• Golf trips

• Concerts

• Staff parties

• Birthdays

• Horse racing

• Corporate days

Our Other Services

Aerial Filming

We have more than four decades of experience in the field of aerial filming. With our helicopters as well our vast experience in supporting the TV, film, and commercial industries, our clients can rest assured that we can meet our clients’ needs in a professional and practical manner.

Aerial Surveying

We are highly experienced in every aspect of aerial surveys, having taken up innumerable projects for the government, utility companies, private organizations and universities.

Special Projects

We maintain a contract division that specializes in the supply, support as well as modification of all types of helicopters that need to be specially tailored and equipped for clients with special requirements.

Our other services include aerial sprays, aerial crane service, power line surveys and helicopter maintenance. Under the circumstances, we stand ready to provide all the services described above, in our state-of-the-art fixed wing aircraft.