Seen from Above

Flying over Ireland’s lush green landscapes, rolling hills and rugged coastlines gives the countryside a whole new appearance. Only this way of exploring an area allows the visitor truly capture the cornucopia of landscapes and their textures.

People have always been fascinated by seeing things from above. Climbing mountains and tall buildings is one way of satisfying the desire of seeing things from high up. But actually bHelicopter Tours in Irelandeing able to fly over places and getting a 360 degrees view of landscapes, historical sights and cities takes this sensation a step further.

Helicopter tours make it possible to enjoy this sort of special experience in an intimate setting of close family and friends. Since only small numbers of people can travel in one helicopter at a time, it is likely to become a rather intimate moment.

Business and Leisure Options

Over the past years, using helicopters as a means of transportation has gained a lot of popularity. The unique experience flying can provide certainly makes it attractive to tourists looking for new thrills. How quickly you can get from A to B makes it also a great choice for businessmen, artists and others travelling on a tight schedule.

Most companies in Ireland offer both services; scenic tours around a particular area and trips that simply get people where they need to be quickly.

A Variety of Tours

The leisurely tours can vary in length and regions visited. Most companies let their guests customize a great deal of their trip to ensure they enjoy their experience fully.

Depending on the preferences of clients and the company’s options, trips around the Irish coastline or over a certain city (e.g. Dublin) are possible. A number of historical sights can also be seen from above, offering views that would otherwise never be possible.

It also possible to add a boat ride through the fjords and even to distant islands to your day out, making it a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience.