Now Available: Online Booking for Helicopter Tours

Booking a helicopter tourIreland, affectionately known as the Emerald Island, is widely considered one of the greatest places to play golf in the world. There are almost three hundred courses dotted among Ireland’s most spectacular scenery. Golf tourism in Ireland is thriving, but there is always the issue of “so much to see, so little time”. With a helicopter as transport, this is no longer an issue: welcome to the world of Heli Golf!

The Benefits of Heli Golf

  • Heli Golf gives visitors the option to live the dream and play several of Ireland’s fantastic golf courses in one day. Indeed, the time saved by flying, rather than driving, allows golfers to play the top ten courses in just one week.
  • They are now available to book online!
  • Finally, seeing the golf course from above allows one to get an advance feel. Anticipation builds as you circle the course, until the helicopter drops you off right at the tee. Once the game is over, jump back in and head for the next fantastic course.

The helicopters used for Heli Golf are well suited to their purpose. The EC 130 comfortably seats up to six passengers with ample luggage space for golf clubs. You’ll certainly be travelling in style and under the expert guidance of experienced pilots. Just remember phones should not be used while in the air, so leave business at home and find an alternative to passing time online at Cabaret Club. You can always wind your friend up about that atrocious triple bogey on hole five!

Heli Golf was very popular for spectators and players during the Ryder cup when it was hosted in Ireland in 2006. Since then it has really taken off – no pun intended!