See the Holiday Lights by Helicopter!

Taking a helicopter ride in Ireland gives visitors the opportunity to experience the country in a brand new way and this is an exciting experience that will never be forgotten. Visitors can beat the crowds as they soar high above the major cities and stunning countryside or Ireland and this is a great experience for groups of family members and friends to share. Here are some of the amazing sightseeing experiences in Ireland that are just waiting to be enjoyed by helicopter.

Dublin Helicopter Tour

This special helicopter tour takes visitors high above the enchanting city of Dublin so that they can view the many monuments and ancient buildings in a unique way. The tour also takes in a large part of the dramatic coastline that runs along the east of Ireland before heading back to the city.

Galway and Connemara

Visitors who land at Galway Airport will be able to start their sightseeing experience by helicopter as they will be collected as soon as they touch down. This impressive helicopter tour takes visitors over the city of Galway so that they can admire it in all its glory before hovering over Galway Bay and taking in the enchanting scenery of Connemara.

The Aran Islands

This collection of three unique islands are located just a short ride from the city of Galway and arThe Aran Islandse particularly impressive when seen from the air. The islands are nestled in the large and lovely Galway Bay which can be seen from the air along with the dramatic Cliffs of Moher which are among Ireland’s most impressive natural attractions.

The Blasket Islands

Special helicopter tours also run along the west coast of Ireland to allow visitors to view the picturesque Blasket Islands from the air. This large collection of islands is mainly uninhabited and boasts large areas of virtually untouched natural beauty.